Customising the most effective solution


Programmatic Marketing

Cross Media Solution for Consistency of Presentation

Programmatic multi-channel marketing harnesses the power of today’s cutting edge digital media platforms to enable highly targeted communication, segmented as required to ensure delivery of the correct message to the correct audience.

Our XM2 Cross Media Solution has been developed to allow you to deploy digital media such as EDM/SMS within an omni-channel environment while ensuring consistency of presentation across both print and digital platforms.

XM2 provides you with programmatic marketing tools through which you can manage campaigns requiring multiple versions of copy, creative and offers. These can be driven by data fields and/or segmented by target audience/prospect subgroups as necessary.

Programmatic marketing improves efficiencies by allowing you to deliver personalised communication to your customer while removing manual processes.

Our subject matter experts can customise the most effective solution for your business, from personalised print direct mail to a fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaign.

Programmatic Marketing

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